Core Business Compentencies

Life planning is the beginning of business planning. If you have a business plan before you have a life plan, your business will become your life.<br />
Finances are the lifeblood and primary metrics of every business. No business can be successful without the proper management of finances.
Business Systems
All great businesses are built around solid operating systems. Most small businesses are built around people and tendencies.
Human Resources
Human capital can be more valuable to a company than financial capital. It is the human capital that implements and executes the value propositions of the business.
Active, competent leadership is critical to any enterprise, whether it's a business, a military unit, a government entity, a church, or a sports team.<br />
Building a visible brand and image is critical to the long-term success and viability of any business. The objective of marketing is to own real estate in the mind of the prospective customer.
Without sales no business can survive. If planning is the rodmap of business, then sales is the gasoline to drive the business down the road.
Regardless of the type of business documentation and attention to transactional detail is essential. Each business must have appropriate legal structure and methodology to deal with the legal issues that aris from running a business.

About the Author

Dan has a unique and extensive spiritual heritage and business pedigree. Dan is the president and founder of Weavers, a business and ministry that teaches and coaches men and women how to operate businesses according to biblical principles. Dan's passion is delivering the message "your business is your ministry".

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