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Weavers Assessments are tools that can help each of us evaluate our skill sets and the key areas of our lives that impact our businesses. Of course, some of these areas are subjective in nature, but there is great benefit to assigning a value to a subjective decision or idea in order to better ascertain its relevance and importance.

Of course, it must be understood that these tools can only be relevant and properly applied through continue study of the Word, worship, and prayer.

The Compound Effect - Kingdom Impact Basic Assessment


Increasing spiritual maturity and improving business competence are both intangible. There are no outward physical dimensions that can be measured to determine how much growth has taken place. Business competence is determined by your position and stature in the marketplace and our skills and behaviors that create marketable value. Spiritual growth and maturity is also measured in the context of behaviors. Our seasons of life: infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood are defined and measured in the context of behaviors. The Kingdom Impact Assessment Tool measures both business competence and spiritual maturity. As discussed in “The Compound Effect” we believe that: BUSINESS COMPETENCE X SPIRITUAL MATURITY = KINGDOM IMPACT
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The CALL incorporates years of research, validation and development into one of the most complete, reliable, statistically valid and accurate career assessments available today. Your report provides you with valuable insights and specific information that’s not available with many other widely used and more expensive assessments. The CALL is unique among is a 325 question normative affirmation tool with outstanding validity. There are no right or wrong answers so you cannot flunk who you are. No two people have ever scored the same way.  Learn More

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