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Kingdom Impact:

The transformation of people's lives through the application of Christ's love and biblical principles

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Weavers “Business as Ministry” tools, processes and concepts teach business owners how to develop their business competence and spiritual maturity simultaneously so their “Kingdom Impact” is multiplied exponentially. Business as ministry promotes salvation and biblical principles while building sustainable economic opportunity to transform communities, cultures and nations.

Think about this:
  • Is salvation from sin without salvation from self-inflicted social and economic adversity really ministry?
  • If a church delivers salvation but can’t deliver the opportunity to sustain an improved quality of life are they really a ministry?
  • Is missions and ministry really Gods plan if they medicate poverty instead of promoting a sustainable economic cure to social and cultural tragedy?
  • Are ministries who provide finances that cover wounds like a band aid but never cure the root of the cultural illnesses really fulfilling the gospel?

Your business operated as a ministry will transform lives!

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The Compound Effect
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